Servicing planning via Simulation

  Scheme IMR

Plants in heavy industry place a high demand on reliability and availability since immense costs may arise in the case of production failure. To increase plant availability and thus to minimize standstill costs, it is possible today to apply sophisticated servicing strategies and technical equipment.

At the Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies (AMT), in Cooperation with FIR research is being made into the development of an analysis tool for component-specific forecasting of remaining service life of a machine. This combines the classical methods of sensor-supported condition monitoring with the potential of numerical simulation of application components in real time.

A slab crush tester was used as an experiment unit which provides the ideal foundation for the development of an integrated forecasting and analysis tool due to its complexity and the high loads arising. It is also possible to combine simple online real time simulation with classical methods of condition monitoring in a clear manner. Only low volume sizes are recorded which serve as a basis for simulation of loads on components not recorded. These calculated loads are evaluated via grading and used to estimate residual service life. The measured data recorded and the simulation results are evaluated via a so-called ‚Condition Analyser‘ and serve to forecast and plan servicing work.


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