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The Writing Center and Editorial Office of RWTH Aachen University

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The Center for Creative Writing, ZKS for short, is the central university-wide advising office for all questions regarding text production. Whether in an individual advising session or in one of the numerous courses − writing is always the focus of interest. The ZKS offers all RWTH Aachen students the opportunity to optimize their written language as a basic skill of academic work. Individuals should also be qualified for a later career; this is ensured by a particular focus in Aachen: In addition to purely academic writing, students practice with application-oriented work and texts from all genres. This sharpens both the university's profile and its graduates.

The ZKS seminars are targeted towards students in every RWTH Aachen faculty. The course offering is diverse and takes different needs and previous knowledge into consideration: basic courses offer the perfect start for strengthening individual writing skills. In the advanced courses graduates expand these skills with studies and career in mind.



Center for Creative Writing



Basic Courses

Academic Writing (Bachelor) facilitates basic knowledge about producing academic tests and prepares participants for upcoming seminar papers and final theses. The interdisciplinary orientation of the course draws attention to principles but encourages creative openness.

Written Language Training aims at optimizing students' general written language. Participants practice the writing process and text editing in different genres − from business letters to journalism pieces to PR texts.

Open Office Hours

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Advanced Courses

In the advanced section students are able to further develop their skills in working with texts targeted for different branches: The ZKS offers seminars with a professional and practical orientation, Journalististic Writing and Business Writing. The courses Creative Writing Workshop and Creativing Writing in Museums Workshop teach writing strategies and offer a place for innovation and creativity. The course Writing Excellent Scientific Texts, offered in collaboration with the Center for Doctoral Studies is targeted towards doctoral candidates in all disciplines. The advanced graduate seminar (Oberseminar) Texte in Arbeit, which focuses on textual production, strenghtens and promotes young researchers' writing.

International Course Offerings

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The ZKA offers Writing for International Students for RWTH's international students. There is also an English Writing Workshop for all students, who write in English. Both courses are offered in collaboration with RWTH Aachen's Language Center.

Crash Courses and Additional Offers

In addition to the courses during the semester, students can refresh their basic knowledge in the Crash Course: Grammar in Two Hours, in Crash Course: Orthography in Two Hours and in Crash Course: Punctuation in Two Hours. The courses Introductory Course: Academic Writing and Introductory Course: Journalistic Writing offer a compressed look at types of texts and how they originate. The ZKS regularly puts on special events, such as Lange Nacht der aufgeschobenen Hausarbeiten and the series Questions for..., where professional writers talk about their work.