Oral Supplemental Exam



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Information about the Oral Supplemental Exam for RWTH Aachen Bachelor and Master Students

The comprehensive exam regulations ensure that all RWTH Aachen Bachelor and Master students have the right to an oral supplemental exam, if they have not passed the written repeated exam.

This is a supplemental exam, that is not an independent repeated exam. By participating in this exam, students have the possibility to complete the second repeated exam that was not passed with a grade of 4.0. A better grade cannot be obtained through the oral supplemental exam. A requirement for the oral supplemental exam is the time frame after the exam not passed. The supplemental exam must take place as soon as possible.

Registration for Oral Supplemental Exam

The following applies to a student who wish to take advantage of the possibility of an oral supplemental exam:

  • Students must initiate the oral supplemental exam.
  • You must immediately request an oral supplemental exam after the results of the second repeat exam date have been published and no later that the exam viewing date. You can authorize someone to represent you at the viewing date.
  • After the supplemental exam, the examiner replaces the grade of 5.0 for the repeated exam you did not pass, with a 4.0, if applicable.
  • If you are sick at the time of your oral supplemental exam, you must immediately inform the ZPA of your inability to take the exam and provide them with a doctor's note. The ZPA will forward the note to the respective Board of Examiners, who will issue you a new date.
  • If the Board of Examiners accepts a withdrawal from an exam for good reasons, a new exam date must be set within further two weeks. If the oral supplemental exam is not completed within six weeks of the exam viewing date, you lose your right to an oral supplemental exam.