Professor for Metallic Structures and Materials for Aerospace Engineering


Prof. Guillermo Requena is currently appointed as the Head of the Department of Metals and Hybrid Structures of the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) and holds the chair of Metallic Structures and Materials Systems for Aerospace Engineering at the RWTH-Aachen. His scientific activities are concentrated in the interaction between internal architecture and thermo-mechanical behaviour of structural light materials such as aluminium-, magnesium-, titanium-alloys, metal matrix composites, carbon fibre reinforced polymers. At the DLR, Prof. Requena’s department deals with the following research topics:

- Relationships between microstructure and properties of lightweight structural materials. Particularly, the development and characterization of wrought and cast high strength aluminium alloys for the transportation sector play a central role.

- Additive manufacturing, with focus on selective laser melting of alloys for space and aeronautics.

- Development and characterization of hybrid metal-polymer joints for aerospace structures.

- Materials characterization using synchrotron and neutron research facilities: ex situ and in situ 3D-imaging and diffraction techniques are applied to investigate the evolution of materials architecture under manufacturing and service conditions.

His teaching activities have been focused on the supervision of Bachelor-, Master- and Ph.D. theses together with regular undergraduates and graduates courses in the field of “Lightweight Metals” and “Materials Characterization”.