Process to extraordinary professorship

  Steps of the process to an extraordinary professorship Steps of the process to an extraordinary professorship.

The extraordinary professorship is awarded at RWTH for outstanding achievements. These may relate to achievements in the application or development of scientific knowledge and methods as well as to achievements in research or teaching.

The step-by-step procedure can be seen in the image on the left. For information on the required documents and the chances of success of an application, the documents below can be downloaded and contact can be made with the Dean's Office.

The application to award an extraordinary professorship is submitted by the corresponding professor of the RWTH. The content points to be considered in the letter of recommendation can be found in the document "List of Required Documents and Requirements". The document can be downloaded at the bottom of the page. In the document "Template for the calculation SWS and listing of subjects" the way of calculating the creditable semester hours per week (SWS) can be seen. This can give you a first impression whether the SWS of a candidate can be sufficient.



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