Process of Habilitation

  The picture shows the process of a habilitation in twelve steps.

A habilitation certifies that a person is able to represent a scientific topic both regarding research and regarding teaching on that topic independently and on their own responsibility. By successfully habilitating the right to carry the title "Privatdozentin" or "Privatdozent" respectfully is earned. The habilitation also grants the candidate the right to teach (Venia Legendi).

For a successful habilitation, among other things, a habilitation thesis must be submitted and a course related to the study program as well as a scientific lecture must be held. Expert opinions are prepared on the candidate and the habilitation thesis, which are either in favor of or against a habilitation.

The process for habilitation can be divided into twelve steps. These steps are shown in the picture on the left. By clicking on the picture, a bigger and thereby easier-to-read version of the picture opens. The relevant documents may be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

If there are any questions, you are welcome to message . Please also send your declaration of intent to habilitate to the aforementioned address.

Changes in the process for habilitation transfers

In the case of habilitation transfers, a habilitation thesis does not have to be submitted again. Thus, no advance notice (steps 2 and 3 in the diagram) is required. Instead, the application with the necessary documents can be submitted directly to the Dean's Office at the address . In the case of a habilitation transfer, the habilitation committee can decide to use the expert opinions from the previous successful habilitation procedure or to request new ones. In addition, it is also up to the habilitation committee to decide whether an oral presentation is required. Thus, the procedure for rehabilitation is different for each candidate. For the application form please contact the above mentioned e-mail address.

Publishing the habilitation thesis

After a successful habilitation, the habilitation thesis should be published within the following two years. For this purpose, one of the three publication channels described in the Habilitation Regulations (see Downloads) under §12 Para. 6 can be chosen. The University Library is the appropriate contact for the publication of the habilitation thesis. More detailed information on publishing via the University Library can be found on the University Library's website for dissertations. Here you also have the possibility to make an appointment for a personal consultation.