The tenure-track procedure is a modern instrument for appointing new professors. After positive evaluations, the tenure-track professorship, which is a temporary professorship, is transferred to a permanent professorship. To ensure the quality of the process, the procedure is supervised by three commissions: the Faculty-Tenure-Commission, the RWTH-Tenure-Commission and the Tenure-Evaluation-Commission.

The Faculty-Tenure-Commission comes into play after a tenured professorship has been recommended. The members of the Faculty-Tenure-Commission establish the criteria against which the tenure professorship is evaluated and forward them as a recommendation to the RWTH Tenure Commission. The voting members are composed of university professors, academic staff, and students.


The members

Position bzw. Gruppe Name
Professors Professor Bernd Lottermoser
Professors Professor Kathrin Greiff
Professors Professor Frank Lehmkuhl
Professors Professor Florian Wellmann
Professors Professor Jochen Schneider
Students Ole Krüger
Students Mira Krift
Technical and Administrative Employees Cornelia Lutter
Technical and Administrative Employees Svenja Bötcher
Academic Staff Kathrin Heizmann
Academic Staff Dr.-Ing. Simon Münstermann

The stand-in members

Position/Group Name
Professors Professor Klaus Fischer-Appelt
Professors Professor Carmella Pfaffenbach
Technical and Administrative Employees Bernd Conrad
Academic Staff Marion Kalde
Academic Staff Dr.-Ing. Alexander Feil
Academic Staff Kevin Carl
Academic Staff Michel Henze