Council of Elders


The faculty forms a Council of Elders, in which the members of the Dean's Office, the Speaker of the Groups, the Division Speakers and the Equal Opportunity Officer are represented .

The Council of Elders prepares decisions of the Dean's Office in non-public meetings.
In particular, it has the following tasks:
1. Mediation in case of conflict,
2. Support the Dean's Office during preparation for the meeting of the Faculty Council,
3. Consultation in case of urgent decisions,
4. Suggestions on electing the dean.

The dean is the chair of the Council of Elders.

The Council of Elders does not participate in the adoption of resolutions of the Dean's Office.


The members of the Council of Elders

Position/Group Name
Chairman Professor Peter Kukla
Vice chairman Professor Axel Preuße
Professors Professor Elisabeth Clausen
Professors Professor Ulrich Krupp
Professors Professor Klaus R. Reicherter
Speaker of the groups Professor Peter G. Quicker
Students Silas F. Ritz
Academic Staff Dr.-Ing. Simon Münstermann
Technical and Administrative Employees Georg Grünheidt
Equal opportunities Representative Monika Andreas