Faculty Council


Members of the the Faculty Council are
1. the Dean as the chairman, advisory role,
2. the Vice Dean and the Dean of Study, advisory role,
3. eight members of the group of university teachers,
4. two members of the group of academic employees,
5. two members of the group of non-academic employees,
6. three members of the group of the students.

The members of the Faculty Council are selected by the members of the faculty. They are selected in accordance with the conditions set by the electoral law of RWTH Aachen.

Furthermore the Equal Opportunity Officer, the Senator and the Division Speakers are members of the Faculty Council without the right to vote - as long as they are members as described by Section 15 Paragraph 1 of the Faculty Ordinance.

The passing of the resolutions is incumbent on the Faculty Council over all affairs of the faculty, for which competence of the Deanship or another is not intended. The Faculty Council is responsible for all research and teachings affairs and has the responsability to ensure and to fulfill further tasks of the faculty.

Here is a shortened version of the tasks of the Faculty Council.
1. Receipt of the reports of the Dean's Office,
2. Support of the Dean's Office in order to ensure the completeness of the study affairs as well as the organization of studies and examinations in cooperation with the Teaching Committee,
3. Decree and change of:
- the Faculty Ordinance and the other regulations of the faculty,
- the Examination and Study Regulations,
- the Postgraduate Lecture Regulations,
4. Awarding of academic degrees due to the examinations accomplished by the Faculty,
5. Execution of postgraduate lectures in accordance with the Postgraduate Lecture Regulations,
6. Distribution of teaching appointments,
7. Grant of free research terms,….