Committee of Financial Affairs and Development


The chair of the Committee of Financial Affairs and Development is the Dean of the Faculty.
The Committe of Financial Affairs and Development supports the Dean and the Faculty Council with recommendations within the following areas:

  • Financial and building affairs,
  • Structure considerations,
  • Research affairs,
  • In questions regarding new generation of academics and
  • The evaluation of research.

The members of the Commission for Infrastructure

Position/Group Name
Chairman Professor Peter Kukla
Vice Chairman Professor Axel Preuße
Professors Professor Elisabeth Clausen
Professors Professor Ulrich Krupp
Professors Professor Klaus R. Reicherter
Professors Professor Kathrin Greiff
Professors Professor Tobias Kleinert
Professors Professor Cordula Neiberger
Students Jan D. Wagner
Students Florens Förster
Technical and Administrative Employees Georg Grünheidt
Technical and Administrative Employees Bernd Conrad
Academic Staff Dr.-Ing. Uwe Vroomen
Academic Staff Kathrin Heinzmann
Academic Staff Sabine Backus
Academic Staff Kevin Carl

The stand-in members

Position/Group Name
Professors Professor Bernd Lottermoser
Professors Professor Peter G. Quicker
Professors Professor Daniela Zander
Professors Professor Thomas Wagner
Professors Professor Frank Lehmkuhl
Students Moritz Vorwold
Students Silas Ritz
Technical and Administrative Employees Desirée Gatzweiler
Technical and Administrative Employees Hasim Fetahi
Technical and Administrative Employees Bettina Noll
Technical and Administrative Employees Sandra Krause
Academic Staff Dr.-Ing. Frank Charlier
Academic Staff Dr.-Ing. Simon Münstermann
Academic Staff Priv.-Doz. Dr. Lars Peters
Academic Staff Dr. Gunnar Ketzler
Academic Staff Dr.-Ing. Thomas Echterhof
Academic Staff Dr.-Ing. Torben Miny
Academic Staff Marion Kalde
Academic Staff Dr.-Ing. Alexander Feil