Study Advisory Council


The  Study Advisory Council supports the Faculty Council and the Dean's Office with the organization and coordination of the faculty's study and teaching services. It fills an advisory role within the faculty. The central task of the committee is the administrative and organizational preparation of the faculty's teaching program. The  Study Advisory Council is led by the Dean of Study.

Below is a list of the most important tasks handled by the committee:

  • elaboration of suggestions to fundamental developments in teaching, study and examinations,
  • preparation of decisions for further execution of the study reform (suggestions on modularization of the study offerings, types of study, academic advising concepts, examination system, accreditation procedure),
  • development of framework conditions and regulations for teaching and studies, as well as processes for quality assurance in teaching
  • development of the internationalization focuses of teaching and studies,
  • preparation of statements on study and exam regulations of the faculties in case of conflict,
  • promotion of internal, national and international co-operation in teaching as well as questions concerning academic advising,
  •  increase in attractiveness of the university as place for teaching and learning,
  • regulations for the use of means for quality improvement in teaching (formerly study contributions) in accordance with the Exam Committee of the Study Contribution Statute.

The  Study Advisory Council prepares all decisions teaching and the student interest decisions concerning the Faculty Council. Among other things this includes the development of documents, like study and examination regulations, suggestions for quality improvements in teaching and measures for study reform.