Gender and Diversity


The Equal Opportunities Officer and her deputies represent the three status groups at RWTH Aachen: non-academic staff, academic staff and professors. They are the people to contact on issues relating to male and female equality at the university.

The Equal Opportunities Officer provides information, advice, support and training measures.

The services provided by RWTH Aachen's Equal Opportunities Office can be found on their webpage.

Faculty for Georesources and Material Technology's Equality Officer:

Monika Andreas
Faculty for Georesources and Materials Engineering
Intzestr. 1, Room 100.3
52056 Aachen
Tel.: +49-241-80 98790
Fax: +49-241-80-92370

Promotion of Women Plan

The North Rhine-Westphalian Equal Opportunities Act of 1999 requires all places of business in the state with more than 20 employees to prepare a women's promotion plan every three years. RWTH Aachen complies with this statutory requirement by preparing plans for each faculty, the central institutes and the university administration. One objective of these women's promotion plans is to identify any underrepresentation of women across the pay groups functions in order to take appropriate measures to remedy the situation.

The Promotion of Women's Plans of the Faculty for Georesources and Materials Engineering:

FFP 2003
FFP 2006