Gender and Diversity


Equality, equal opportunities and the appreciation of diversity are fundamental principles of our university culture – both in studying and teaching as well as in research and in the university management. With the central goal of being an attractive place of study and work for committed students and employees from Germany and abroad, RWTH Aachen University works actively to eliminate prejudices, stereotypical thought patterns and discrimination. All university members are enabled to develop their individual potential; regardless of their gender, socio-cultural background, physical disability or chronic illness.

In this context, employees and students have access to numerous offers, measures and services, such as counseling on the topics of equal treatment and nondiscrimination, compatibility of family responsibilities and career, and studying with a disability or chronic illness. Female students, doctoral candidates and postdocs can actively shape their careers with the help of the TANDEM mentoring programs. Gender Consulting is available to advise researchers on the application process for DFGfunded research alliances and third-party funded projects. The quarterly newsletter "Chancengerechte Hochschule" (Equal Opportunities University) informs all university members about the topics of equality, compatibility and diversity in the university context.

Responsibilities and Contact Persons at the Faculty 5

Participation in Appointment Processes

Representatives in the faculty​

  • Monika Andreas
  • Christiane Finken
  • Martina Fromhold-Eisebith
  • Kathrin Heinzmann
  • Sandra Krause
  • Lena Patterer
  • Margret Joannidis
  • Marion Kalde
Equal Opportunities Plan of the Faculty Gleichstellungsplan Fakultät 5 2021

Adivising concerning Equal Treatment, Sexual Harassment, Gendersensitive Language Use, etc.

Equal Opportunities Officer

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