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The KIC office supports you in project development!

  • Regular information about calls / tenders via internal RWTH mailing list
  • Provision of tender texts and templates
  • Support during project initiation, e.g. with
    • Consortium formation
    • Project partner acquisition
    • Definition of the project idea
    • Information on the strategic agenda of EIT RawMaterials
  • Support and assistance in the application phase
    • Information on particularities of KIC applications and strategic requirements
    • Information on deadlines and proposals
    • Contact persons at KIC EIT RawMaterials


Proposals and Questions in the area of Primary Resources:
M.A Aarti Sörensen (AMT)
Phone: 0241 80-94522

Proposals and Questions in the area of Secondary Resources /Recycling
M.Sc. Damien Latacz (IME)
Phone: 0241 80 92292

Administrative Support for Implementation and Reporting:
M.A. Dornieden
Phone: 0241 80 90497



EU funding program KIC "EIT RawMaterials"

What is KIC "EIT Raw Materials"?

  • KIC is the EU's Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) in the field of CIRCULAR ECONOMY, i.e. across complete value chains of raw material production including recycling.
  • The world's largest publicly funded raw materials initiative (total funding volume €2 billion in the funding period 2015 to 2022).
  • Subject of the funding: cutting-edge research on the scale-up of innovation-oriented and successfully researched processes/products in the raw materials sector and their dissemination and commercialization of innovations.
  • Objective: To strengthen European competitiveness in the raw materials sector through project networks of universities, companies and research institutions.

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Innovations Themes

    1. Exploration and raw materials resource assessment
    2. Mining in challenging environments
    3.  Increased resource efficiency in mineral and metallurgical processes
    4.Substitution of critical and toxic materials in products for optimised performance
    5.   Recycling and material chain optimisation of end-of-life products
    6.  Design of products and services for the circular economy

Why are KIC projects exciting?

  • High success rates for project proposals (e.g. compared to Horizon2020).
  • Relatively uncomplicated application procedure with optional support from the RWTH KIC office.
  • Explicit promotion of innovative thinking and interdisciplinary, applied and industry-related research.
  • The RWTH as an established and already well networked core partner can - with unlimited funding - access KIC events and support offers from Headquarter/Innovation Hubs.
  • The KIC EIT RM is closely linked with leading partners in the European raw materials sector, such as KU Leuven, TU Vienna and KTH Stockholm, Siemens, BASF and Tata Steel as well as the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, VITO and Centro Recerche Fiat. 

Overview of all EIT KICs of RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen University is involved in a number of EIT KICs. A complete list can be viewed here . In the section "EIT Raw Materials" all current KIC projects and links to further project information can be found.


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