Admission Requirements


1. Assessment of eligibility for admission

Graduates who wish to enroll for a doctoral program at the Faculty of Georesources and Materials Engineering must submit an application for assessment of eligibility for admission immediately after obtaining confirmation from a professor confirming his or her willingness to act as an advisor. You are required to enclose the following documents with your application:

  • Letter of application
  • Notice of Readiness of the Professor to act as advisor (original)
  • NEW as of 08/2021: Supervision agreement (signed by doctoral candidate and first supervisor)
  • Tabular curriculum vitae (signed and dated)
  • Certificates (authenticated copies)
  • Statement of previous applications for enrollment in a doctoral program
  • Data Collection form for the doctoral student statistics (online delivery to "PromoDat" request)

Attention: The data collection form has to be completed electronically (see explanation) by all doctoral students and sent online to:

By submitting the initial application for admission to a doctorate (§ 12) and the data collection form, you have approved the doctoral regulations of Faculty 5 as well as the principles for ensuring good scientific pratice at RWTH Aachen University.

If you obtained your degree from a non-German university you are also required to enclose:

  • Translations of certificates into German or English (authenticated copies)
  • A copy of subject grades/transcripts and their translations into German or English (authenticated copies)

If you obtained your degree in China, we also require:

  • Certification of the authenticity of all submitted university certificates from the Academic Evaluation Centre (APS) in Beijing


Application § 12
Notice of Readiness 2021
Supervision Agreement
Statement of previous applications for enrolment in a doctoral programme
Data collection form for doctoral student statistics (Sent to PromoDat)

2. Doctoral Committee

The Doctoral Committee decides on the acceptance or rejection (with or without additional requirements) of doctoral candidates. You will be informed in writing of the Doctorate Committee's decision.

Meeting dates:

Summer term 2021: 07.06.2021 / 19.07.2021
Winter term 2021/22: 04.10.2021 / 22.11.2021 / 17.01.2022 (application documents must be submitted 2 weeks before)