Initiation of Process


3. Initiation of the doctoral procedure

The Doctoral Committee initiates the doctoral procedure when a written application, accompanied by all the required documents, is submitted to the Dean's office. These documents include:

  • Letter of application
  • 4 copies of the doctoral thesis (5 if there are three supervisors)
  • Abstract (2 pages) (German and English)
  • A current curriculum vitae (signed and dated)
  • Certificates which have not yet been submitted to the Dean's office
  • Certificate of good conduct (see Basic Information)
  • List of all publications and a copy of each
  • Statutory declaration about doing the thesis autonomously
  • If the doctoral thesis was not written at RWTH Aachen, we require written confirmation that the publication of the thesis does not breach any existing trade secrets.
  • Declaration about the ensurance of "Scientific best practice"


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