Registration/ Activities / Assessment


1. Registration to participate in CDS
Contact the RWTH's Center for Doctoral Studies when you have received your admission letter.
Participation in the CDS programme is mandatory. Non-participation in the CDS programme is only
possible if the supervisor provides written confirmation to the Dean's Office that non-participation in the
CDS programme is absolutely essential.

The only exceptions are students who commenced their doctoral programme before 1 January 2007
(engineering sciences) or 1 June 2008 (natural sciences) or who already hold positions of employment
outside the RWTH. Your doctoral programme commences with your supervisor acceptance to your doctoral programme.

2. Conspectus of the academic activities
Doctoral candidates are required to compile their own personal CDS programme with the assistance
of their supervisor and submit it to the Dean's Office within six months of receiving the admission letter.
Please use the faculty's CDS progress sheet for this.

The credit programme can only be changed if the changes are agreed upon with the supervisor and
confirmed in writing on the CDS progress sheet. It is not necessary to obtain the consent of the Dean
of Studies in respect of such changes to the programme.

3. Assessment of the additional qualifications by the Dean's Office
When the CDS progress sheet has been assessed by the Dean of Studies, it is returned to you and
you can commence the doctoral programme.