Doctoral Academy


All of the faculty's doctoral candidates have to participate in the CDS programme.

What does participation in the CDS programme mean for you? It means you have to earn 180 credits from the time when you are accepted for a post-graduate programme to the initiation of the doctoral procedure. You are awarded 150 credits for the submission of a thesis, 15 credits for basic academic activities and 15 credits for advanced academic activities. Credits are awarded for lectures, publications, courses, seminars, projects etc.

Details of the CDS procedure at the Faculty of Georesources and Materials Engineering are provided below.

The person to contact in our faculty about CDS is:
Mrs. M. Andreas Tel.:+49-(0)241-80-98790, E-mail:
Dean of the Faculty of Georesources and Materials Engineering
Intzestr. 1, 52072 Aachen, 1st floor, left side, Room 100.3
Opening hours: by appointment