Getting a Doctorate at the Faculty

The Faculty of Georesources and Material Technology is entitled to confer the titles of Dr.-Ing. and Dr.rer.nat. At RWTH Aachen University, a doctoral program is viewed as a graduate's first practical work experience. The doctoral programs are very individual and practically-oriented. They focus on obtaining new scientific findings, with the thesis providing evidence of independent research activities.

Each of the faculties is responsible for running its own doctoral program. The faculties' Post-Graduate Study Regulations define the requirements for post-graduate study and the structure of the doctoral program. The Faculty of Georesources' current Post-Graduate Study Regulations can be downloaded here. In addition to writing a thesis, it is becoming increasingly important for doctoral candidates to obtain interdisciplinary knowledge and additional qualifications. The Center for Doctoral Studies or CDS at RWTH Aachen University provides doctoral candidates with the opportunity to document all credits outside the thesis obtained in the CDS program in CDS doctoral supplements, which can be printed out in report format for job application purposes.

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