Preisträger 2015


Die Preisträger der Fakultät 5

Name Vorname Arbeit Thema Grad FG
Schäfer Daniel Masterarbeit

Value stream analysis of the production flow in the Zingruvan mine

Rothmann Michael Masterarbeit

Petrographic Characteristics and Pressure-Temperature Conditions of Gold Mineralisation in the Archaean Paamiut Region, South-West Greenland

M.Sc. GuG
Song Wenwen Dissertation Characterization and simulation of bainite transformation in high carbon bearing steel 100Cr6 Dr.-Ing. MuW
Desbois Guillaume Habilitation Microstructures in host and reservoir sedimentary rocks from grain to pore and grain boundary scales: interactions between microstructures, transport processes, deformation mechanisms and rheology

P.D. Dr. rer. nat.