Metallographic preparation methods for the Mg based system Mg-Al-Ca and its Laves phases

Andre, D. (Corresponding author); Freund, M.; Rehman, U.; Delis, W.; Felten, Markus; Nowak, J.; Tian, C.; Zubair, Muhammad; Tanure, L.; Abdellaoui, L.; Springer, Hauke Joachim; Best, J. P.; Zander, Brita Daniela; Dehm, G.; Sandlöbes-Haut, Stefanie; Korte-Kerzel, Sandra

New York, NY : Science Direct (2022)
Journal Article

In: Materials characterization
Volume: 192
Page(s)/Article-Nr.: 112187


  • SFB 1394 – Structural and Chemical Atomic Complexity: From Defect Phase Diagrams to Material Properties [041394]
  • Division of Materials Science and Engineering [520000]
  • Chair of Corrosion and Corrosion Protection [522710]
  • Chair of Materials Physics and Institute for Physical Metallurgy and Materials Physics [523110]
  • Metallic Composite Materials Teaching and Research Unit [524320]