Yttrium incorporation in Cr2AlC : On the metastable phase formation and decomposition of (Cr,Y)2AlC MAX phase thin films

Azina, Clio (Corresponding author); Bartsch, Tim; Holzapfel, Damian Mauritius; Dahlqvist, Martin; Rosen, Johanna; Löfler, Lukas; Mendez, Alba San Jose; Hans, Marcus; Primetzhofer, Daniel; Schneider, Jochen M.

Westerville, Ohio : American Ceramic Society (2022, 2023)
Journal Article

In: Journal of the American Ceramic Society
Volume: 106
Issue: 4
Page(s)/Article-Nr.: 2652-2665


  • Division of Materials Science and Engineering [520000]
  • Chair of Materials Chemistry [521110]