The Faculty of Georesources and Materials Engineering is specifically concerned with resources and the materials that can be derived from these resources. One special focus of the faculty is material flows - from raw material extraction to recycling - which conserve resources.

These multifaceted activities can be divided into three areas:

Earth Science and Geography - The central themes dealt with in earth sciences and geography serve to provide a fundamental understanding our planet in terms of it being living environment, utilising it economically and permanently protecting it.

Mineral Resources and Raw Materials Engineering - Mining Engineering, Mineral Procesing and Recycling is about raw materials management. The topics covered include the extraction and processing of primary raw materials and recycling as a means of obtaining secondary raw materials.

Materials Science and Engineering - Metallurgy and materials engineering is concerned with the development, production and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.



Dipl. Wirtl. Monika Andreas, M.A.

Area Studies and Teaching


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