Student Representative Councils


The term Student Representative Council stands for the institution of the student autonomy and interest agency at universities and other universities as well as for the totality of all enrolled students of a specific faculty. Usually, the student representative councils consist of all students of an institute, of an faculty and of courses of studies. Similarly to the student parliament and the general students' committee, which are the two most important committees of the student autonomy for the entire student body, the student representative councils are charged with representing the interests of their members.

All four student representative councils of the Faculty offer their members and first-year students advice on diverse topics. Below are the addresses and contact information of the student representative councils of the Faculty of Georesources and Materials Engineering.

Fachschaft 5/1 - Mining Engineering, Mineral Processing and Recycling
Wüllnerstraße 2 (Mining Building), in the basement
Tel. 80-95699

Fachschaft 5/2 - Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
Intzestraße 1, Room 201
Tel. 80-95781

Fachschaft 5/3 - Geoscience and Resource Management
Wüllnerstr. 2 (Mining Building)
Tel. 80-96042

Fachschaft 5/4 - Geography and Commercial Geography
Wüllnerstraße 5b, Room SG 521 (5th floor of the Seminar Building)
Tel. 80-99382