Important information on the organization of the oral doctoral examination in the time of the coronavirus


Oral doctoral examination during the Corona Pandemic

Information on PhD oral exams at the Faculty 5

Oral doctoral examinations in Faculty 5 are still in the form of a video conference, according to the RWTH handbook "Oral examinations via video conference system" possible (available only in German).

  • For oral doctoral examinations in the form of a video conference (e.g. with "Zoom" or "MS Teams"), no application to the PhD Committee is necessary.
  • The consent of the candidate and all members of the PhD Commission must be obtained for such an implementation of the examination. Declarations of consent (see forms for candidates and examiners) must be sent in advance by e-mail from the Chair to all parties involved and a signed copy must be collected. Originals must be submitted to the Dean’s Office at a later date.
  • If possible the examination should take place at the RWTH. External examiners do not have to be on site to participate in the video conference.
  • If possible, the candidate should be provided with a room equipped with a blackboard/whiteboard. Alternatively, the presentation can be shown by pen and paper (if necessary, with a 2nd camera) or a Tablet PC.
  • The digital form of examination must be documented in the minutes by the chairperson.
  • Guests should not be admitted.
  • The doctoral regulations continue to apply.

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