Examination Boards


On this page you can find the link of the Examination Board from the following
Divisions of the Faculty of Georesources and Materials Engineering:

Mineral Resources and Raw Materials Engineering

Materiels Science and Engineering

Earth Sciences and Geography


The Examination Board is responsibile for the organization and execution of examinations and is responsiblef for the legal supervision of the course of study examination regulations. It appoints the examiner, determines exam places as well as dates, and supervises the exam deadlines. The Examination Board makes sure that the requirements of the study and examination regulations are kept. It gives suggestions for the reform of the curriculum and study and examination regulations.

In particular, the tasks of the Examination Board originate from the examination and study regulations of the Bachelor and Master courses of study. Below are the most important activities:

  • Defining respective exam periods for written and oral examinations,
  • Organizing examinations, ensuring execution of exams,
  • Appointing of the examiner and associate chair, if required: participation in the removal of examinations,
  • Ensuring adherence to the regulations specified in the study and examination regulations,
  • Editing of study and examination regulations,
  • Suggestions for reforming study and examination regulations,
  • Determining value of adherence to exam periods and average periods of study,
  • Permission for second repeat examsn and prolongation of the Bachelor and Master theses,
  • Reviewing the calcuation of study times, and study and exam performance,
  • Decisions in contradictory procedures.