The RWTH Science Night 2023


Since 2003, the RWTH Science Night "5 to 12" has been held annually on the second Friday in November. Presenting science in an unusual form at an unusual time - this is the idea behind the event.

The Science Night at the FRE Division

On 10 November, as part of the RWTH Science Night "5 to 12", the Department of Mineral Resources and Raw Materials Engineering (FRE) presented everything worth knowing about raw materials and recycling for one night. Scientific topics were made tangible in an entertaining way at numerous experimental stations on topics such as sustainable raw material extraction, recycling processes and energy raw materials, in our Lego craft area or with our waste sorting game. Whether big or small, student or not - there was something for everyone. The programme included answers to everyday questions as well as cutting-edge research.

Science night in the MuW division

The events of the Materials Science and Engineering Division (MuW) began at 7 p.m. with the event "The world is changing – the challenge of sustainable use of resources". Here, in the mining building at Wüllnerstraße 2, the division presented experiments and information on the sustainable supply of people with energy and resource-conserving production processes, among other things. From 19:45 to 20:30, Professor Dr.-Ing. Pfeifer gave a lecture in lecture hall H09 of the C.A.R.L. on the topic of "How much (tail) wind does the German steel industry need for decarbonisation?". The lecture was followed by an exploration of foundry technology. Here, the versatility of the casting process and information about its potential for shaping a sustainable future was presented.