Faculty Council


The composition of the Faculty Council

The members of the Faculty Council can be divided into three groups: The members with advisory vote, the members with voting right and the members without voting right.

The group of members with an advisory vote is composed of the Dean as Chair, the Associate Dean and the Dean of Studies.

The members with voting rights are elected by the members of the faculty in accordance with the election regulations of RWTH Aachen University. Of the 15 members with voting rights, eight are members of the group of professors, two are members of the group of academic staff, two are members of the group of non-academic staff, and three are members of the group of students.

Members without voting rights include the faculty representative of the Equal Opportunities Officer, the election senator and the departmental group spokespersons, provided they are not members in accordance with §15 Para.1 of the Faculty Regulations.

What does the Faculty Council do?

The Faculty Council is responsible for passing resolutions on all matters of the faculty that are not the responsibility of the Dean's Office or another responsibility. It is responsible for all matters relating to research and teaching and must ensure that the faculty fulfils its other tasks within the university.

An excerpt from the tasks of the Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is responsible in particular for:
1. receiving the reports of the Dean's Office,
2. supporting the Dean's Office in ensuring the completeness of the courses offered as well as the organisation of studies and examinations in cooperation with the Faculty Council's committee responsible for teaching,
3. issuing and amending regulations (Faculty Regulations, other Faculty Regulations, Examination and Study Regulations, Habilitation Regulations and Doctoral Regulations),
4. awarding academic degrees on the basis of university examinations conducted by the Faculty,
5. carrying out habilitations and doctorates in accordance with the habilitation regulations and doctoral regulations,
6. granting teaching assignments,
7. granting research sabbaticals.


The members of the Faculty Council

Position bzw. Gruppe Name
Professors Professor Elisabeth Clausen
Professors Professor Klaus Fischer-Appelt
Professors Professor Klaus R. Reicherter
Professors Professor Frank Lehmkuhl
Professors Professor Sebastian Münstermann
Professors Professor Christian Roos
Professors Professor Kathrin Greiff
Professors Professor Hauke Springer
Academic Staff Kathrin Heinzmann
Academic Staff Dr.-Ing. Simon Münstermann
Students Jasmin Groß
Students Antonia Dix
Students Anna Laufens
Technical and Administrative Employees Georg Grünheidt
Technical and Administrative Employees Hasim Fetahi

The stand-in members of the Faculty Council

Position/Group Name
Professors Professor Bernd Lottermoser
Professors Professor Peter Quicker
Professors Professor Thomas Rüde
Professors Professor Cordula Neiberger
Professors Professor Ulrich Krupp
Professors Professor Jochen Schneider
Professors Professor Robert Svendsen
Professors Professor Walter Frenz
Academic Staff Dr.-Ing. Thomas Echterhof
Academic Staff Dr.-Ing. Markus Könemann
Academic Staff Dr.-Ing. Thorsten Tonnesen
Academic Staff Götz Heßling
Academic Staff Dr.-Ing. Uwe Vroomen
Academic Staff Sabine Backus
Academic Staff Priv.-Doz. Dr. Lars Peters
Academic Staff Dr.-Ing. Alexander Feil
Academic Staff Dr. Denise Degen
Academic Staff Frank Charlier
Academic Staff Marion Kalde
Students Silas Beckord
Students Mathias Garcia Lange
Students Silas Ritz
Students Leonie Rathmann
Students Bastian Schulz
Students Florens Martin Förster
Students Frederik Klumpen
Technical and Administrative Employees Cornelia Lutter
Technical and Administrative Employees Desiree Gatzweiler
Technical and Administrative Employees Sandra Krause
Technical and Administrative Employees Bettina Noll
Technical and Administrative Employees Bernd Conrad
Technical and Administrative Employees Svenja Böttcher