Paleoseismic characterization of the eastern Rhine Graben Boundary Fault (RGFB), Southern Germany

Pena Castellnou, Sara; Hürtgen, Jochen; Baize, Stéphane; Jomard, Hervé; Cushing, Edward M.; Rockwell, Thomas K.; Seitz, Gordon; Cinti, Francesca R.; Abbas, Wahid; Preusser, Frank; Mueller, Daniela; Ritter, Joachim; Reicherter, Klaus

Contribution to a conference proceedings

In: [PATA Days-2022: International Workshop on Paleoseismology, Active Tectonics and Archeoseismology]


  • Division of Earth Sciences and Geography [530000]
  • Neotectonics and Natural Hazards Teaching and Research Area [531320]