Basic Information


6. Basic Information

  • Certificates of good conduct can be obtained from your city administration. We require a Type O certificate of good conduct. Employees of RWTH or another public or church authority only have to submit confirmation from their employer that a police clearance certificate existed when they commenced employment.
  • All documents are to be submitted as officially notarized copies. Documents and certificates in languages other than German or English must be accompanied by notarized translations.
  • Applications from candidates with a foreign university degree must be submitted to the Deans’s office 1 month before the doctorate committee meeting because the degrees have to be checked by the International Office for equivalence.
  • Notarizations are issued at RWTH Aachen in Division 1.2 Student Affairs – Notarizations, SuperC, Room 1.31, Templergraben 57, opening hours: Monday and Tuesday 9am to 12:30pm or in Department 2.0 International Office, SuperC, Room 5.29, Templergraben 57, opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 12.30pm.
  • You can also enroll as doctoral student in Division. 1.2 Student Affairs – Subject Area II, SuperC, Room 1.21, Templergraben 57. Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 12:30pm.
  • A freeze period/extension of the submission deadline of up to one year will be accepted when the obligatory copies have been submitted to the university library. Applications for freeze periods/extensions must be accompanied by a written statement of reasons and are subject to the Dean's approval.
  • All the downloads and the template for the statutory declarations are samples. Display the form bar via the view/toolbars menu. Deactivate the "lock" in the menu bar to change the form and content as required.