Research Fields and Institutes


The faculty is divided into three research fields which each have their uniquely focused topics. on this website you will find out more about the research fields as well as the various instututes that are part of the faculty.

Earth Sciences and Geography explore the availability of Earth’s energy and mineral resources, sustainability, and environmental change, perhaps the currently most pressing issues in the modern world. Other research topics look at the possibilities for regeneration of post-industrial land into valuable greenfield land, while another focus is on examination of the workings of glacial systems, and how global warming is affecting the recession of glaciers. 

Mineral Resources and Raw Materials Engineering integrate relevant scientific theories, engineering fundamentals, and advanced technologies to recover natural resources. Research is multidisciplinary and fundamentally driven by the quest for adequate supply of mineral products at acceptable cost.
The breadth of expertise ranges from exploitation and processing of raw materials, sustainable development, recycling of waste materials to the design of mining machinery.  

Division of Materials Scíence and Engineering use engineering and fundamental science solutions to provide the basis for solving problems in the main applications sectors such as mechanical and surface properties, manufacturing processes, energy conversion, environmental protection, functional ceramics, glass and healthcare science. In all themes the research is carried out with strong support from, and involvement of, the relevant industrial organisations and often in collaboration with international partners. Spin-out companies have been created to commercialise the products of research.

The faculty has extensive links with universities world-wide and employers and potential employers of our students through our professional training and professional consultancy work with industry organisations.


The Institutes of the Research Fields

Division of Mineral Resources and Raw Materials Engineering

  • Institute of Mineral Resources Engineering (MRE)
  • Unit of Mining, Environmental and European Law (BUR)
  • Chair of Anthropogenic Material Cycles (ANTS)
  • Unit of Technology of Fuels (TEER)
  • Unit of Mineral Processing (AMR)
  • Chair and Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies (AMT)
  • Chair of Repository Safety (ELS)
  • Institute for Mine Surveying, Mine Subsidence Engineering and Geophysics in Mining (IFM)
  • Chair of Nuclear Waste Disposal (IEK-6/FZJ)


Division of Materials Science and Engineering

  • Chair of Material Mechanics (CMM)
  • Chair of Information and Automation Systems for Process and Material Technology (IAT)
  • Institute IME Process Metallurgy and Metal Recycling (IME)
  • Chair of High-Temperature Technology and Department for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering (IOB)
  • Foundry Institute (GI)
    • Chair Fundamentals of Solidification (GI/DLR)
  • Chair of Forming Technologies and Institute of Metal Forming (IBF)
    • Metallic Composite Materials Teaching and Research Unit (IBF)
  • Chair of Material Modelling in Forming Technology (IBF)
  • Chair of Corrosion and Corrosion Protection (KKS)
    • Theory and Computation of Energy Materials (IEK-13)
    • Junior professorship for Theory of Electrocatalytical Interfaces (IEK-13)
  • Institute for Physical Metallurgy and Materials Physics (IMM)
    • Chair of Materials Data Science and Informatics (IAS-9)
    • Materials Mechanics of Energy Materials Teaching and Research Area (IEK-2)
  • Steel Institute (IEHK)
    • Chair of Materials Technology
    • Chair of Metallurgy of Iron and Steel
  • Chair of Materials Chemistry (MCh)
    • Materials Research and Department and Process for Air-Jet Propulsion (DLR)
    • Engineering Materials Analytics (MPIE)
    • Metallic Structure and Materials for Aerospace Engineering (DLR)
    • Thermochemistry of Energy Materials Teaching and Research Area (IEK-2)
  • Institute of Mineral Engineering (GHI)
    • Chair of Ceramics (GHI)
    • Chair of Glass and Glass-ceramic (GHI)
    • Junior Professorship of material modeling - atomic order mechanisms (GHI)
    • Institute of Energy and Climate Research: Materials Synthesis and Processing (IEK-1)
      • Junior Professorship for interfaces in functional ceramics (IEK-1)

Division of Earth Sciences and Geography

  • Chair of Geology and Paleontology and Geological Institute (GIA)
  • Chair of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology (LIH)
  • Chair of Applied Mineralogy and Economic Geology (IML)
  • Chair and Institute for Crystallography (IfK)
  • Chair of Economic Geography (WiGeo)
  • Physical Geography and Climatology Teaching and Research Area (KlimaGeo)
  • Chair of Physical Geography and Geoecology (PGG)
  • Economic Geography of Services Teaching and Research Area (DLGeo)
  • Chair for Computational Geoscience, Geothermics and Reservoir Geophysics (CG3)
  • Chair of Geophysical Imaging and Monitoring (GIM)
  • Applied Structural Geology Teaching and Research Unit (ASG)
  • Chair of Tectonics and Geodynamics (TAG)
  • Institute for Organic Biochemistry in Geo-Systems (LEK)
  • Cultural Geography Teaching and Research Area (KulturGeo)
    • Junior Professorship for Digital Methods in Human Geography (DigiHum)
  • Neotectonics and Natural Hazards Teaching and Research Area (NUG)
    • Junior Professorship of Remote Sensing of Natural Hazards (NUG)
  • Petrology and Fluid Processes Teaching and Research Area (PFP)
    • Junior Professorship for Petrology and Fluid Processes (PFP)
  • Hydorgeology Teaching and Research Area (LFH)
    • Hydrogeophysics Teaching and Research Area (LFH/IBG-3)
    • Scientific Computing in Terrestrial Systems Teaching and Research Area (LFH/IBG-3)