RWTH-Sustainability Report 2021 published


RWTH-Sustainability Report 2021 published

This sustainability report is the first comprehensive survey of all activities related to sustainability - be it in teaching - research - operations - governance - transfer. The status quo that has been compiled forms the basis for continuous and strategic further development towards a more sustainable RWTH Aachen:

With the Sustainability and University Governance Office, a central point of contact has been created for all sustainability issues and topics at RWTH Aachen University:

The three rectorate officers for sustainability, Prof. Kathrin Greiff, Prof. Aaron Praktiknjo and Prof. Niklas von der Aßen support the sustainable transformation of RWTH in this regard:

"Sustainable development is becoming increasingly important in the face of growing challenges from the climate crisis, resource scarcity and social injustice. The limits of our planet and the need for a transformation of our social life are dramatically demonstrated to us by current events. Sustainability means using the ecological, economic and social resources available to us in such a way that future generations will also find a world that is worth living in and can be shaped. This affects all areas of our lives and economies and is therefore a task for society as a whole. Universities in particular play a special role as actors in the sustainable transformation of our society - they educate future decision-makers, create knowledge for and with social actors, and act as beacons on a regional and international level. As the largest technical university in Germany, RWTH Aachen University is committed to sustainable action in this sense."